Logify is being updated!

Logify is being updated! The innovative electronic log sheet solution is being updated – in the beginning of coming month we will be launching a mobile app with new options as well as a web environment. Keeping and editing a log sheet will be even more convenient.

Fix for Samsung phones startup issues

Samsung has in their Android devices built in battery saving feature. The battery saver is automatically set for all installed apps to automatic mode, what according to Samsung’s descriptions means that battery saver will be turned on when you haven’t used the app for three days. For Logify activated battery saver will block trip recording

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Fix for Huawei Android 6.0 startup issues

Huawei has built into Android their own system for controlling app autostart and background execution.  Google has banned all sorts of autostart managers from Android and therefore Huawei has removed their one from never Android and EMUI versions.  Unfortunately the removal has been done the wrong way – not allowing any apps to autostart when

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