Fix for Samsung phones startup issues

Samsung has in their Android devices built in battery saving feature. The battery saver is automatically set for all installed apps to automatic mode, what according to Samsung’s descriptions means that battery saver will be turned on when you haven’t used the app for three days. For Logify activated battery saver will block trip recording autostart feature.

To enable proper functioning of Logify autostart, battery saver needs to be turned off for Logify app.
Go to Android Settings -> Battery -> App Power Saving Details -> Logify -> Choose battery saver disabled option.

Select settings

Open Android settings app

Select Battery


Select Battery

Open app power saving details


Push details


Find and choose Logify

Disable app power saving


Select disable

The screenshots are taken from Samsung Galaxy S7, with android 6.0. Older android versions may have different screens or battery saver completely in different locations. If you have issue with background autostart and you are not able to solve it yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us on support(a) email. Send us your phone model and short issue description and we will be glad to help you.