Fix for Huawei Android 6.0 startup issues

Huawei has built into Android their own system for controlling app autostart and background execution.  Google has banned all sorts of autostart managers from Android and therefore Huawei has removed their one from never Android and EMUI versions.  Unfortunately the removal has been done the wrong way – not allowing any apps to autostart when it should allow all apps to autostart.

This video shows how to enable app autostart and background execution on Huawei devices running Android 6 and later and EMUI 4.0 and later.


  1. Install an app called PM Plus from Play Store
  2. Open the app and tap Install.  Wait for the installation to finish
  3. Once the additional install is finished, “Use it” buttons will be enabled under Permission Manager and Startup Manager icons
  4. Tap “Use it” under Permission manager (Tapping Startup manager will throw an error)
  5. “Use it” buttons will change to “Not Integrated” and “Install” button will reappear.  That’s OK, do not click on any and close the PM Plus
  6. Open Phone Manager
  7. Swipe Left.  Now you should see new button there, “App auto-launch”.
  8. Tap “App auto-launch”
  9. Scroll to Logify (or any other app you would like to autostart) and allow it to autostart.


Above will allow app to autostart but it still will not run in the background.  In order to allow the app to run in background:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Goto Advanced Settings
  3. Open Battery Manager
  4. Open Protected apps
  5. Find Logify (or any other app that you would like to run in the background) and make it Protected app.