Logify is being updated!

Logify is being updated!

The innovative electronic log sheet solution is being updated – in the beginning of coming month we will be launching a mobile app with new options as well as a web environment. Keeping and editing a log sheet will be even more convenient.

New prices

New Logify packages and prices as of 1 February 2017.

Limited package.
Full package from €2.99/month
Try the new full package free of charge for 40 days!

An ideal solution for a family or a company with several vehicles. Purchase a log sheet for one vehicle and get the option of using it for two.

Why do I need an electronic log sheet?


Your trips will be saved automatically, so there is no chance for you to forget any of them. You can easily edit the saved trips.


No additional devices needed.


Allows you to analyse the use of the vehicle fleet and the company’s driving expenses. You can also see the trips made by each individual employee


Log sheets prepared based on logify data are approved by Estonian Tax and Customs Board. We are working on achieving similar status in other countries too!


Your location is never tracked in real time and you choose which trips to publish.